About Us

I'm Scott Bohannon. My daughter rides with High Caliber Stables. One of the things I've always wanted to do is to be able to look at pictures and read about the horses, stables, trainers, and riders during shows, but there hasn't been an easy way to do that. So, we've set up this website designed to do just that.

It's an early version and there will probably be some bumps in using it. Right now we're focused just on the horses and the stables. Owners can enter basic information about the stable and add photos and videos. A horse owner can also enter information about their horse and add photos and videos. Horses, Stables and Shows are all linked so you can look them up easy as each class shows. People will also be able to see all the horses on the site that are associated with your stable, even if you don't enter information about your stable.

We'd love for you to register your stable and add information, photos, and video. We'd also love it if you would forward this website link to owners of the horses in your stable so they can do the same.

Registration allows you to upload information about a horse or stable.

We hope this site will enhance everyone's experiences at horse shows and that you will contribute to its success. And we'd welcome any advice you have about how to make it more useful and valuable to you and other members of the community.

Best regards,

Scott Bohannon